Venous Return Cannulae, Single Stage, Bullet Tip with Suture Ring, Wire-reinforced Tubing, 32 Fr, V900-02

Livanova Dual Stage Venous Return Cannulae are designed for venous drainage of the right atrium and vena cava with a single cannula. The wire-reinforced tubing version is a one-piece construction with a flexible drainage basket, and a flexible, yet firm, lighthouse tip. The non-reinforced version is configured with either rigid or flexible drainage tip. Depending on country registration, an optional phospholipid coating may be available to help improve biocompatibility. Note on ordering: coated products have a “B” before their reference code. Please, contact your local sales representative.

Order Code
32 Fr
Angled Tip Length (cm)
Connector Acceptance
Available Coated
Depending on country registration
Qty per box