Arterial Cannulae, Optiflow Arterial, Curved Tip, Wire-reinforced Tubing, 24 Fr/ 8.0 mm, A282-80B

The Arterial cannulae are intended to be used as perfusion cannulae to return arterial blood from the extracorportal circuit to the patient during cardiopulmonary surgery for periods of up to six hours. The Arterial cannulae consist of a flexible tubing (tapered to a curved or straight flow tip) made of PVC with  wire reinforcement Depending on country registration, an optional phospholipid surface treatment may be available. Note on ordering: coated products have a “B” before their reference code. Please, contact your local sales representative
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24 Fr/ 8.0 mm
Connector Size
Effective Length (cm)
Connector with luer vent down
Available Coated
Depending on country registration
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