Arterial Cannulae, Optiflow Arterial, Curved Tip, Wire-reinforced Tubing, 24 Fr/ 8.0 mm, A282-80B

Livanova Optiflow Arterial Cannulae are designed with a three-dimensional basket tip for better flow dispersion and improved hemodynamics. This unique feature provides a native-like blood flow and avoids the so-called jet stream, thus reducing the risk of plaque dislodgement (Assmann et al. Artificial Organs 2014; 39(3): 203-211). Available in 21 and 24 Fr with and without wire-reinforced tubings and optional luer lock for venting. Depending on country registration, an optional phospholipid coating may be available to help improve biocompatibility. Note on ordering: coated products have a “B” before their reference code. Please, contact your local sales representative.

Order Code
24 Fr/ 8.0 mm
Connector Size
Effective Length (cm)
Connector with luer vent down
Available Coated
Depending on country registration
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