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Bi-Flow – The only bidirectional cannula designed to easily and safely prevent limb ischemia

LivaNova leads the fight against leg ischemia with breakthrough bidirectional cannula

Our Bi-Flow femoral arterial cannula has been specifically designed to prevent leg ischemia in an easy, safe and reproducible way.

The innovative, patented and award-winning design of the bidirectional cannula incorporates a unique shoulder and downstream perfusion channel that enables continuous and reliable blood flow down the femoral artery. At the same time, an open tip design ensures adequate systemic perfusion for the whole body.

This makes Bi-Flow the only cannula able to provide continuous, reliable blood flow down the femoral artery to adequately perfuse the limb, improving the safety of femoral artery cannulation during minimally invasive, redo and other complex cardiac surgery procedures.

For more information about the LivaNova Bi-Flow bidirectional cannula, please visit our product highlights section, where you will also find:

  • Complete product information and product brochure
  • Clinical summaries of our first in human trials and in-animal model
  • Educational and instructional videos, both animated and in-OR

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