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Product highlights

Bi-Flow – Bidirectional perfusion in one unique cannula

Bi-Flow is the only bidirectional arterial cannula on the market designed to reduce the risk of limb ischemia in an easy, safe and reproducible way.

Unlike traditional cannulae, Bi-Flow’s patented design incorporates a unique elbow and downstream perfusion channel. The cannula is easy to insert and remove and provides simultaneous systemic and distal perfusion to the lower limb.
Limb ischemia is an often-underestimated potential complication of femoral artery cannulation. It can affect up to 11% of patients* undergoing complex cardiac surgery procedures and may have devastating consequences such as higher mortality, higher morbidity and longer hospital stay.
The LivaNova Bi-Flow cannula is designed to reduce this risk in all procedures requiring femoral cannulation, including:

  • Minimally invasive cardiac surgery
  • Re-do cardiac surgery
  • Other complex cardiac surgery procedures.

In addition to its unique bidirectional perfusion design, Bi-Flow also offers:

  • Simple and straightforward insertion and removal process, both percutaneously using a standard needle and guide wire technique or after a surgical cut-down
  • DOP-free tubing for enhanced biocompatibility
  • Optimal pressure drop level for adequate systemic perfusion


In addition to Bi-Flow, LivaNova offers a complete cannulae portfolio for direct and femoral cannulation, as well as a comprehensive range of aortic and mitral valve replacement solutions to accommodate all MICS clinical needs.

This product may not be for sale in your country or your area. For further information on product availability, please contact your local representative. For indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings for each device, please refer to the Instructions For Use.

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