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Clinical Leaflets

Optiflow Arterial Cannulae demonstrate sheer stress reduction

The Dr. Assmann paper1 demonstrates the significant wall sheer stress reduction of Optiflow through a comparison with a standard aortic cannula. It shows how Optiflow reduced the maximum and average aortic wall shear stress values by approximately 50%, compared to the control cannulae. The benefits of lower shear stress include the potential to reduce ECC-related complications such as stroke, endothelial damage and hemolysis.


Assmann, A., Gül, F., Benim, A. C., Joos, F., Akhyari, P., & Lichtenberg, A. (2014). Dispersive Aortic Cannulas Reduce Aortic Wall Shear Stress Affecting Atherosclerotic Plaque Embolization. Artificial Organs, 39(3), 203-211. doi:10.1111/aor.12359

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